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    Gold Nugget Lemon Light

    Tonia’s Biscotti are baked fresh by Genette, using a truly original Italian recipe. What makes Tonia’s Biscotti unique is that they are crunchy without being hard. Each batch of Tonia’s Biscotti is rolled by hand, using only the finest ingredients.
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    What makes biscotti unique

    Italian cookies are less sweet than American cookies. Their flavor comes from natural ingredients like nuts, fruits, seeds, and essences which take the part of sugar.
  • slider2Throughout Italy biscotti are served after a meal with wines. This trend has spread to several other cultures and become popular throughout the world. Italians favor eating them dipped in coffee or wine known as Vin Santo.


Tonia’s Biscotti are a truly Italian creation. Each biscotti is lovingly hand made from an old Italian recipe, which has been handed down for generations. What makes Tonia’s biscotti unique and incredibly delicious is that they are crunchy without being dried out or hard.

Tonia hand picks wonderful ingredients – from crunchy almonds to tangy cranberries, to delicious dark chocolates- without using anything artificial. She holds her biscotti to the highest standard of excellence.

Tonia’s biscotti are baked fresh in Wasilla, Alaska by Genette and her team, with whom she shares her carefully guarded recipes and baking secrets. Each batch of Tonia’s biscotti is rolled  and cut by hand, using only the finest ingredients.